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Here we present an interesting case of resistant hypokalemia caused by these drugs leading to Torsades de Pointes which has never been reported in the past. Microcalcifications were re-evaluated with immunohistochemistry (IHC) and re-classified as LVI. To analyze and summarize the effect of continuous care on the life quality and control of asthma of pediatric patients with asthma discharged from multiple hospitals.

While high doses promote lipid accumulation in visceral depots, a low dose showed an increase in central SC depot only. Advances in high throughput sequencing technologies have created a gap between data production and functional data analysis. We analyzed the epidemiological and clinical data for 2013-2015, and compared the information obtained in the previous nationwide survey database and our previous reports.

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Recently, a new concept of metafounders that considers the relationship within and across base populations was developed. Limiting cases, under high pressures and temperatures, have had a profound impact in a wider context. However, the origins, diversity and roles of mural cells remain to be fully understood. We compared complication risks of TDR to fusion using data from Investigational Device Exemptions.

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Additionally, Ephredra sinica was found to be synonymous with Ephredra dahurica and was reduced to a subspecies of Ephredra distachya. Likewise, the negative psychological impact commonly experienced by such patients during their care is now widely recognized, as is the persistence of psychological morbidity. The presence of an attentional bias in patients with torticollis seem to indicate that alterations of attentional circuits might be implicated in the pathophysiology of this type of CD.

This technique is applied to a study of selectivity in tree-cutting by two colonies of beavers in central Massachusetts.At the Blue Heron Cove colony, selection depends jointly on genus and diamter. Further, it slowed tumor growth in an HCT-116 and a mesothelioma MSTO-211H mouse xenograft model. Potential hotspots of horizontal gene transfer between archaea and bacteria include hot springs, marine sediments, and oil wells.

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The adaptations made should improve satisfaction with content, clarification of questions, and satisfaction with the questionnaires in compiling a rehabilitation plan. The objective of this study is to determine the main neuroimaging findings of microcephalic newborns with possible Zika virus (ZIKV) intrauterine infection using transfontanellar cranial ultrasound. Between July 2014 and June 2016, eight females and six male patients with defects around the knee were operated upon using a perforator plus flap from the anterior tibial artery perforator.

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From March 2014 to August 2015, consecutive first-ever AIS patients admitted to the Department of Emergency of our hospital were identified. This work can facilitate the design and practice of terahertz imaging systems for security inspection.

All three types of donor nuclei were capable of producing all adult structures derivedin situ from imaginal disks. SEM images displayed smooth surface of the implant and indicated that etoposide was homogeneously dispersed in the polymeric matrix. Exosomes are biologically derived nanodimensional vesicle ranging from a few nanometers to a hundred. Here we aim at investigating PD-L1 expression in erlotinib-resistant lung cancer cells with MET proto-oncogene (MET) gene amplification.

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A sub-analysis of a cross-sectional and descriptive study on the prevalence of disease-related malnutrition. The number of Iranian research papers on breast cancer and also the number of citations to them, is increasing. Extensive fully atomistic molecular dynamics (MD) simulations of FLT3 were carried out with an inhibited form (FLT-quizartinib complex), a free (apo) form, and an active conformation.

Information on decision making processes in agricultural production was collected from the principal adult male and female decision-makers in each household. We integrated multiple gene expression datasets while considering study differences, batch effects, and noise in gene expression measurements.